The Sea Eagle Travel Canoe

The traditional canoe has been reinvented…

Introducing the Fully Inflatable Sea Eagle TC16 Travel Canoe!

The First Ever High Pressure Inflatable Canoe

Car Carriers and Overhead Storage not needed!

Fully Rigid and Fully Inflatable, the TC16 Travel Canoe is the first high pressure inflatable canoe made completely from Drop-Stitch technology. The 3″ thick sides get inflated to a high pressure of 10psi, giving you the rock hard rigidity you’d expect from a traditional canoe but when deflated it allows you to roll up the canoe for storage when you’re done. Save the extra money spent on specialized rooftop carriers and avoid dedicating large areas for storing your canoe. A closet is all you need now!

Inherent Stability and Natural Buoyancy

WhiteWater, Flatwater, Saltwater… No Problem!

Inherent Buoyancy = The intrinsic ability to float in a liquid.

The Drop-Stitch inflatable chambers keep the canoe floating in almost all conditions. The inherent buoyancy of these high pressure inflatable chambers gives the canoe a stable feel and allows more movement and passenger adjustment without risking falling overboard.

Plenty of Room for Three

Enough Space for Friends… or More Gear!

Lots of gear, a couple of friends or a mix of both, you choose! With over 900 pounds capacity, the Sea Eagle Travel Canoe has ample room for whatever adventure you throw at it. The built-in d-rings can be used to secure up to 3 seats or used to secure the gear you need for a weekend get-away.

What are you waiting for?

Get on the Water!!!

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