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Why Buy An Inflatable Kayak

Space. Comfort. Stability. Let’s explore a couple of the most common reasons why people choose an inflatable kayak. 


This is exactly as obvious as is sounds… but let me expand on it anyways. 

Gear Storage
  • There is plenty of space available in most sit on top kayaks. In fact, combined with a higher than average weight capacity, the space needed for rigging a multi-day adventure is easily found in an inflatable kayak. Want to bring your cast iron skillet… go for it! The ability to stack and strap the necessary items into the bow and stern of an inflatable kayak allow you to  balance the weight distribution easily. Check out the payload capacity of the Sea Eagle 380X Explorer, 750lbs!!!
Kayak Storage
  • While lots of people have a garage or backyard where they can store their kayak, many do not. Almost everyone does have a closet though! If you live or rent in a densely populated area, you know that space is a premium and hanging your kayak from the living room ceiling is as bad as it sounds. Inflatable kayaks can be broken down and rolled up after each use allowing you to tuck it away out of sight and securely stored until you need it again. Simply put, the same storage space you toss your Christmas decorations in can be repurposed to hold your kayak!
  • Driving to your favourite water body with your kayak is also simple! Inflate your kayak and strap it to your rooftop carrier or in your truck bed. But if all you have is a compact or subcompact car, leave it deflated and strap it in a seat or toss in in the trunk.
Room for ‘growth’
  • I’m not exactly proud of this one… but I’ve managed to put on some extra ‘growth’ around my waist! If I was in a hard shell that fit me correctly a few years ago, it wont be comfortable now. An inflatable kayak has inflatable sides. What this means for me is there is some give in those sides. I wont need to diet just to be comfortable in my kayak year after year. I can ‘grow’ into it. 😉 

This brings me into my next reason:


Lets face it, Inflatable Kayaks are really just air mattresses in a kayak shape! And we all can identify with the comfort of an air mattress. Now these inflatable kayaks are purpose built to be stronger and much more efficient on the water than an air mattress. 

  • The inflatable floor and sides of the kayak allow for some give and take to occur when you shift and move within its constraints. Essentially you can turn and twist as much as you’d like while in the inflatable kayak with out a hard edge digging in or even risking capsizing the kayak. 
  • No need for an air mattress while camping! I know I just said that the kayak is different etc. But in a pinch, slightly under inflating the floor is a great way to spend the night off the ground! Just make sure the weather will be clear otherwise you will be waking up in a puddle of rain water!
  • Capsizing is nearly impossible. To be clear, yes you can capsize anything, however an inflatable kayak is much harder. It is more likely that you will fall out of your kayak before it will capsize. How does this fit in to comfort you say…I am comforted to know I will fall out of my kayak before it capsizes! 


As I have previously mentioned, Inflatable Kayaks are nearly impossible to flip. The buoyancy of the inflated pontoons and floor allow enough flex in the kayak to absorb any motion any of the passengers could make. It also means that rough water is absorbed partially as the kayak gives flex. The likelihood of falling overboard is higher than flipping the kayak! If the conditions are right, it can be flipped. After years of use however, I have never been flipped out of the Inflatable Kayaks I’ve owned.

There are a couple factors that are contributing to the stability of Inflatable Kayaks.

Pontoon Size
  • A large pontoon provides overall buoyancy for the kayak as well as a direct resistance to forces being applied to that side.  It means you can lean on a side without it slipping away from under you!

DropStitch Technology
Thousands of tiny threads make up the rigid structure.
  • Not all Inflatable Kayaks have this, but those that do are amazing! It allows a higher pressure inflation of the air chamber making it almost as hard as a rotomolded kayak! Since the floors of many Inflatable Kayaks use DropStitch tech, you can easily stand up and do whatever! In an industry first, Sea Eagle has built an entire kayak out of DropStitch technology. It’s called the Razorlite series and they are amazing!
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