Sea Eagle WS4 Wave Slider



Tired of renting a bodyboard while on vacation? Bring your own! Fitting easily in your carry-on, the WaveSlider is constructed with DropStitch fabric allowing it to pack down to a sixth of its size.

Sea Eagle Warranty: 3 Years


The Sea Eagle Wave Slider is a 4 foot long inflatable bodyboard that sets up just as easily as its packs down to a 1/6th of its inflated size. For use by adults and children, the Drop Stitch construction of the Wave Slider becomes rigid when inflated to 10psi but keeps enough flexibility to ride waves and rapids comfortably.

The Wave Slider has two skegs which improve performance while in the surf and can easily removed for gliding down your favourite river. If you do happen to loose your handle, a stainless steel D-ring is there for you to attach a leash (not included).


Additional information

Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 14 × 31 in
Person Capacity

1 Person


1100 Decitex


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